The vetting process is carried out by the customers to ensure that a ship nominated for transportation is qualified for the job and hold the standard they require. Vetting is carried out for each and every singular cargo before each and every shipment. It is a general misconception that the term relate to a physical on board inspection, and most vetting processes involve review of all information available of the ship and the company. This includes statistics of the company and the ships, TMSA3 documentation and inspection reports, SIRE/CDI inspection reports, Port State inspection reports, Terminal inspections and previous experience, Officer matrix, Incidents and the physical suitability including age.

The process includes a great number of potential pitfalls and reasons that may cause a ship to fail. Spotless ships do not exist, and many cases it is difficult to foresee  refusal. It is however of great importance that the process is followed up professionally from the ship management side.

We are experienced with supporting ships, managements and charterers throughout the entire vetting process. This includes gap audits of compliance towards all governing requirements and guidelines of both the ship and the management, tending during inspections, followup of observations and closure. Followup post inspection and guidance to the management is carried out ad hoc.

With the experience we hold, we do believe we have unique expertise towards assisting your company towards compliance with the vetting process.