Accidents have a tendency to occur regardless of the level of safety culture in your company. They are always unexpected, and few companies have resources readily available to properly investigate and follow up to the level the customers expect.

We have decades of joint experience in incident investigation, including high profile accidents and a wide array of incidents from smaller consequences to total loss. We are proud to say that our investigation reports distributed to customers are to the level that they efficiently close out the incident without any need for further follow up. The comment "No further information is required" is the usual response from oil majors and other customers.

Our confidence in our product is to the level that we offer a "no cure no pay" warranty. We stay with you and communicate with the customer until your ship is approved and all holds are lifted. In the unlikely event problems should occur at a later stage, and this can be directly linked to our final incident report, we guarantee resolve without any further cost. 

We are experienced in investigating accidents and near accidents related to:

  • Personnel
  • Cargo
  • Spills and pollution
  • Navigation
  • Technical and machinery